• If you are looking for a practitioner in your area, please do not email. Instead, click HERE.
  • Please do not email asking for Dr. Kharrazian’s clinic phone number, it is listed below.
  • If you do not find a practitioner in your area or if you live outside of the U.S., please consider working remotely with one of the practitioners HERE.

Dr. Kharrazian’s practice is restricted to chronic and challenging patients suffering from immune, endocrine and neurological disorders who are seeking alternative medicine approaches.

How do I make an appointment with Dr. Kharrazian?

We are very sorry, but at this time Dr. Kharrazian’s practice has an extended waiting list and he is unable to add any more names to the list.

When he takes on a new patient, Dr. Kharrazian spends around 6-8 hours on average to review the patient’s past medical records, conduct his examination and history, and develop a patient treatment strategy. This includes an approximately four hour in-office patient visit. He takes his role as a diagnostician very seriously and does not want to miss anything.

This approach limits his availability to take on more than a handful of new patients each month. This combined with Dr. Kharrazian’s increasing role as a researcher, professor and author makes it difficult to accommodate new patients as frequently as he would like. Dr. Kharrazian wants to apologize to any prospective patients that have made an inquiry if they have been inconvenienced by this.

Dr. Kharrazian is acutely aware of how in demand practitioners like him are. In response, he is currently devoting energy to educating other practitioners about functional medicine and functional neurology to help increase the number of practitioners available to treat patients such as yourself.

Before emailing please refer to the following answers to commonly asked questions:

  1. Where can I find a practitioner?

If you visit http://www.thyroidbook.com/practitioner-locator/ you will find a link for local practitioner referrals, and a list of practitioners who work long distance if you found none in your area.

  1. Where can I find the supplements?

Dr. Kharrazian formulates supplements for Apex Energetics, a practitioner brand. You can find them through a practitioner or perhaps a reputable site online.

  1. Can I make an appointment with Dr. Kharrazian?

Dr. Kharrazian is not taking on new patients at this time, or adding names to a waiting list. Please see the statement above regarding this. You can get very qualified help from one of the practitioners who teaches for him by using the link above.

  1. Can I consult remotely with Dr. Kharrazian?

Sorry, but Dr. Kharrazian requires very in-depth, in-office visits that include neurological exams for new patients, and he does not take insurance.

  1. I don’t live in the US. Is there a practitioner in my country?

We’re sorry but at this time but we do not have practitioners outside the US to refer. If you live outside the US, please consider working long distance with one of the practitioners at http://www.thyroidbook.com/practitioner-locator/.

  1. What should I eat?

If you are asking about what diet to follow please refer to http://drknews.com/autoimmune-gut-repair-diet/.

For resources please visit http://drknews.com/resources/.

  1. I feel so alone and hopeless with this illness, what can I do?

You are definitely not alone. We receive many emails from people who are struggling with very compromised health that has them largely bed ridden, unable to work, missing out on their children’s lives, financially broke, dismissed by the medical system, and so on. Dr. Kharrazian encourages you to empower and educate yourself as much as possible and connect with others to further your knowledge. Many, many people have made great strides this way out of sheer necessity—insurance doesn’t cover the health care you need and many cannot afford alternative care. For online thyroid support check out Hashimoto’s 411 on Facebook, a group started by readers of Dr. Kharrazian’s. Online autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet groups can also be a great resource for people who are learning how to manage and improve their health. Check out the Resources page for direction: http://drknews.com/resources/.

  1. For answers to many other questions:

Read the books! We get many, many questions that can be answered by reading his books. In addition to his thyroid book, Dr. Kharrazian’s brain book, Why Isn’t My Brain Working?, also answers many questions about autoimmunity and brain health.

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Before emailing please refer to the answers to commonly asked questions in the list above.

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