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Book testimonials for Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

“What I have learned from Dr. Kharrazian has changed my entire practice. I am seeing many more chronic patients and I am getting amazing results. It is astounding how many people have Hashimoto’s and have gone undiagnosed. Since learning new tools from Dr. Kharrazian, I love working with Hashimoto’s patients because they are so easy to manage now. I would never have been able to understand how to properly treat these patients without the incredible knowledge from Dr. Kharrazian. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Kharrazian and his vast knowledge of autoimmune disease.”
—Mark Flannery, DC, HealthWise Chiropractic and Nutrition, Simi Valley, CA

“I met Dr. Kharrazian early in 2006 and since then my practice has evolved into a Functional Medicine practice unlike anything I could have imagined. His work in evaluating functional thyroid disorders has given me the tools necessary to truly affect a person who has all the low thyroid symptoms but normal test results. Thank you, Dr. Kharrazian, for your passion in research and education in developing a clinical approach outside of the traditional, theoretical model we all seem to follow in our practices.”
—David G. Arthur, DC, DACNB, Mountain Health Chiropractic and Neurology Center, Englewood, CO

“Prior to attending Dr. Kharrazian’s classes, I was not seeing consistent results in my health or the health of my patients using the traditional alternative approach. I was unable to understand or explain what was occurring in our bodies. Each class I attend is a giant step up in the results and understanding in the treatment of science based thyroid illnesses, functional endocrinology and blood nutrition analysis. Dr. Kharrazian’s teachings will change the face of alternative healthcare.”
—David Peterson, DC, Wellness Alternatives, Town and Country, MO

“What I learned about identifying thyroid disorders from Dr. Kharrazian has been so valuable to my practice. I recently had a woman with all the typical thyroid symptoms but after doctors tested and scanned her, they found nothing wrong. Using Dr. Kharrazian’s method I was able to identify her autoimmune thyroid condition, which caused her TSH to fluctuate. I was also able to restore thyroid balance to some whose doctors recommended natural methods to help the thyroid; these natural methods only exacerbated the problem. With so many people suffering with thyroid issues, Dr. Kharrazian’s book is a timely lifesaver.”
—Donna DiMarco, CN, LNC, Pompano Beach, FL

“His research is complete enough that he can trace endocrine problems back to other areas of the body that I have never seen related to each other in literature before. I can’t tell you how impressed I am, how much help he’s given me and how much he has taught me.”
—Betty Ann Childress, PhD, CCN, CP, CA

“To have some of these techniques, which are a new way of evaluating patients, it’s been a Godsend. I learned things at this seminar that I never learned at school.”
—Barry Sunshine, DC, Sunshine Chiropractic Clinic, Maryville, TN

“I was absolutely amazed at the results that I got.”
—Brenda Holcombe, ND, CPM, Idaho


Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms?

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