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Dr. Kharrazian has instructed more than 4,000 hours of postgraduate education in laboratory analysis, diagnosis, and nutritional management. He currently teaches more than 50 seminars per year to doctors nationally and internationally. He has published numerous professional papers, several clinical manuals, and more than 30 educational CDs on various topics.

If you are a practitioner, you can learn more by attending one or more of the seminars listed below (www.apexseminars.com). If you are a patient, please click here to find a practitioner who has been properly trained on how to manage your underactive thyroid or Hashimoto’s.

Functional Endocrinology, 16 hours

This seminar teaches health care practitioners how to support hormonal balance by analyzing salivary and serum testing, then applying the appropriate nutritional support. Four critical steps are emphasized, including understanding the complex interactions of hormone metabolism, correct laboratory test selection and interpretation, successful nutritional management using the latest scientific research, and effective education and support of endocrine patients.

“Dr. Kharrazian is a master of explaining complex biochemical interactions in a straightforward practical manner. His seminars provide a wealth of information and are a must for practitioners and researchers.”

—Carrie Joyce, PhD, Professor, University of California San Diego

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, 16 hours

There is no general screening test that is more revealing, effective and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. In this seminar you will:
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  • Understand the differences between functional and pathological ranges on lab reports.
  • Learn when to request further testing for more comprehensive management.
  • Understand the key principles of laboratory biochemistry.
  • Understand how to differentially evaluate blood chemistry patterns.
  • Review the literature in regards to nutritonal and herbal compounds that can be used to support abnormal patterns. Technical support is available to shorten your learning curve.

“With this information, I can treat my patient properly using subjective and objective information, then with followup bloodwork, I can prove to myself and to the patient, objectively and in black and white, that my service is worth my patients’ time, money and compliance.”
—Bobby J. Parkhill, DC, Fort Worth, TX

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Case Studies and Principles in Functional Endocrinology, 16 hours

This intermediate course will build on the principles practitioners have learned from the Functional Endocrinology and Blood Chemistry courses by incorporating more advanced procedures that include autoimmune testing, natural killer cells, regulatory T-cells, and more. Dr. Kharrazian will detail the way he manages complex cases with information acquired and analyzed from the advanced lab testing and test results from the previous courses. You will learn how to put this information together in a manner that is easy to understand and incorporate into your practice. He will present his own advanced cases, but participants are encouraged to present their own cases for his examination and support suggestions. Technical support is available to shorten the learning curve.

“I really enjoy how Dr. Kharrazian gets me thinking about learning the process of functional chemistry. By learning the pathways and understanding the physiology, I have been better able to help my clients, especially those tough cases that never fit the ‘rules.’ Tons of information, but I feel confident enough to start at my own pace and begin implementing immediately.”
—Eric W. Anderson, DC, Lakewood, CO

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Neurotransmitters and the Brain, 15 hours

This course reviews physiological interactions between neurotranmsitters, hormones and the immune system. Clinical applications regarding questionnaire forms, laboratory tests and nutritional supplements will be emphasized. A complete review of the literature regarding natural supplements that support neurotransmitters, hormones and the immune system will be provided in the course book. The connections between endocrine, nervous system and immune interactions will be reviewed. Numerous clinical pearls and case studies will also be presented.

“This new seminar completes the link of the brain to the body, something I have never seen before. Dr. Kharrazian is offering the highest level of health care diagnostics I’ve ever experienced. I am only sorry that this wasn’t available when I was in school. It is the best education I’ve gotten since school and has dramatically improved my diagnostics and treatment.”
—Thomas N. Campbell, DC, Beaumont, TX

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Other Topics

Shorter seminars are also given on the following topics:
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  • 20 core principles of functional endocrinology
  • Autoimmune thyroid — research and practice updates
  • Autoimmune physiology and case management
  • Keys to cardiovascular health
  • Introduction to neurochemistry
  • Neurological implications of cervical manipulation
  • Andropause
  • Estrogen, Inflammation and The Brain

For more information on seminars, visit www.apexseminars.com.


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