Seminars in general

“Dr. Kharrazian’s material is way beyond the stuff they teach in medical school.”
—Ron Manzanero, MD, Austin Integrative Medicine, Austin, Texas

“Dr. Kharrazian’s classes will change the face of alternative healthcare.”
—David Peterson, DC, Wellness Alternatives, Town and Country, MO

“I’ve taken many seminars over the past 20 years of practice. Dr. Kharrazian’s are the absolute best I’ve taken. Seminars are well-paced, filled with useful handouts, and are very clinically useful! I would recommend these seminars to everyone in clinical practice.”
—John Stebbins, OMD, LAc, Centennial, CO

“I have been a medical doctor since 1972, an acupuncturist since 1984 and an anti-aging doc since 1997. I have participated in numerous lectures in my life. Dr. Kharrazian’s lecture was of the most powerful and comprehensive, with superb notes and scientific references to confirm his information. He covered an enormous amount of complex material in days. I was able to have an immediate impact on my practice. I would recommend this seminar to everyone in the medical care field. Thanks you sincerely for your complete course and may others have the success and enrichment that I achieved.”
—James O. Lowry, M.D., Evanston, IL

“Dr. Kharrazian is the most brilliant man I have ever met. His ability to see and understand the complexity of the human body and the interrelationships between its systems is staggering. He is an exceptional educator and his concepts and lectures have completely changed the landscape of alternative healthcare and how complementary medicine is practiced. The insight into ways to improve quality of life in real, measurable predictable means is here. Let’s celebrate the success and health this will bring to us all. Datis Kharrazain is a true gift to healthcare and to humankind.”
—Adam Vernon, Colorado Educational Liaison, Apex Energetics

“I have been attending Dr. Kharrazian’s seminars now for about two years and each seminar seems to be better than the last. The information and knowledge that has been handed down has given me an edge in the medical community and compliments my holistic and prevention based acupuncture practice very nicely. The two-hour evening seminars have been great in keeping me up to date and in practice with the subject matter. Much of what is taught at these seminars is leaps ahead of what is currently being done with conventional medicine. It is refreshing to finally find medical information that isn’t biased by the large pharmaceutical companies. I feel comfortable that what is being taught is the latest in medical research and is as cutting edge as it gets. I would whole-heartedly recommend these seminars to anyone in the medical field. They will certainly change the way that you see your patients.”
—Jim Chialtas, LAc, San Diego, CA

“I believe Dr. Kharrazian is the best teacher of functional and metabolic medicine. His desire and willingness to share is so greatly appreciated, especially in the complicated and confusing world of functional medicine, where there are so many seminars that do not pay off. Please keep the great information coming.”
— Zach Snyder, DC, ART, Active Health, Littleton, CO

“I have been learning holistic medicine for the last 10 years due to a personal health problem. Dr. Kharrazian is a brilliant speaker and his workshops have brought an amazing awareness to my own health and to my practice. I am very honored to be one of his students.”
—Andrea Vianna, MD, Greeley, CO

“I really enjoy how Dr. Kharrazian gets me thinking about learning the process of functional chemistry. By learning the pathways and understanding the physiology, I have been better able to help my clients, especially those tough cases that never fit the ‘rules.’ Tons of information, but I feel confident enough to start at my own pace and begin implementing immediately.”
—Eric W. Anderson, DC, Lakewood, CO

“Great!! Dr. Kharrazian is as always exceptional in his concise, in-depth explanations of all the problems my patients experience. Best of all, he makes it easy to understand the most complicated of conditions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
—Marie Starling, DC, Centennial, CO

Functional Endocrinology

“Dr. Kharrazian’s passion for this model and his commitment to his patient’s health using Functional Endocrinology is evident. Clear, easily understood explanations of normal physiological process and dysfunction. This model is quick and efficient. I appreciate the view of looking at the whole person through appropriate lab tests. This is very compatible with Chinese medicine.”
—Earl Hinds, L.Ac., Benicia, CA  

“I was very impressed with the content, quality of the speaker and how clear and thorough the information was delivered. [Most valuable to me was] learning how cortisol and adrenal imbalance and blood sugar or insulin imbalances effect the hormones in different ways. The gut dybiosis too. It will help me to really get to the root of endocrine problems, really determines the ultimate cause.”
—Susie Moss, N.D., Oakland, CA  

“This seminar is leading the way in science-based nutrition and the holistic approach to health.
—Joseph Young, DC, Texarkana, TX

“Well-organized, well-presented and loaded with the best info I’ve ever received. I can use this information in my practice tomorrow. The fact that testing options were explained and the protocols associated with those tests were given [was most valuable to me from this course]. This will grow my practice. I feel as if I can help and attract more target groups beased on this information.”
—Susan Mudd, M.S., C.N.S., Gaithersburg, MD  

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Functional Endocrinology workshop with Dr. Kharrazian.It addressed many of my concerns regarding hormone replacement therapies in today’s medical community. I am glad there are other avenues to explore.”
—Ginna Browning, L.Ac, LMBT, DOM, Raleigh, NC

“Thanks for the wonderful seminar on Functional Endocrinology. I found Dr. Kharrazian very knowledgeable about these complex issues. The best part was that he gave us detailed information on applying this in our practices the day after the seminar. Not only did he give us the specific patient assessment tools and the knowledge to interpret them, but also simple treatment protocols. I have already begun to use this with my patients. I am eager to see the results.”
—J. Pizzino, MD, MPH, Raleigh, NC

“I feel the information has brought me to a much higher level. There are so many questions I have had in my quest to help others on a hormonal level. I have been pro BHRT in the cream form. Now I see the real truth of taking free fraction hormones in such quantity. I am in a much better position to help those I work with. The seminar was packed with information. I am looking forward to future subjects.”
—Elizabeth Bryant, ND, Truth or Consequences, NM

“I have attended a number of the Functional Endocrinology Seminars. I find the information extremely informational and useful. Doing salivary testing helps to get to the underlying cause of a person’s problem, which goes beyond what some conventional doctors do. Understanding the physiology and explaining it to my patients coupled with the salivary testing makes my job easier. Having this objective information supports the natural supplementation provided by the research. These early step helps to prevent anyone’s condition from sliding into a pathology requiring medications.”
—Diana C. Bright, MS, RD, CCN, Golden, CO

Blood Chemistry

“After attending you seminar on Functional Blood Chemistry this past weekend, I must say I was very impressed. With this information, I can treat my patient properly using subjective and objective information. With follow up blood work, I can prove that my service is worth my patients’ time, money, and compliance. If you choose to follow through with this system, be ready for an invasion to your office of tired, worn out, stressed-out boomers that had it all and want it back.”
—Bobby J. Parkhill, DC, Fort Worth Texas

“The Blood Chemistry Seminar was truly outstanding. Dr. Kharrazian has a special gift for simplifying difficult concepts. I give much thanks to him for a great learning experience. Since I have returned, I actually feel confident in treating complex chronic cases. Thank you so much!”
—Coleman McMurphy LAc, Austin, TX

Neurotransmitters and the Brain

“Dr. Kharrazian masterfully pulls together functional neurology, endocrinology, nutrition, and physiology in a practical and immediately useable format. Definitely one of the best seminars I have attended in the past fifteen years.”
—Heith Root, DC, San Antonio, TX

“For those of you who have not taken Dr. Kharrazian’s seminars, you must. This seminar helps to put all the other seminars together and helps (you) to understand the impact of the brain on the rest of the body. One will benefit most by taking Functional Endocrinology and Blood Chemistry, as the concepts here build upon the topics. Also, this material is very complex and Dr. Kharrazian is able to relate so that we can understand it. You learn how the brain affects the rest of the body, and how to treat the brain to heal common ailments. These seminars are a must if you want any scientific basis for chronic conditions using nutrition. Also, this can be a huge income source for doctors, as no one is doing this work.”
—Igal Dubov, DC, Wall, NJ

“Fantastic! Nothing else like it – I learned so much and feel like I can look at patients from an entirely new level. Information regarding neurodegeneration is invaluable and gives us tools that no one else has. This seminar is fundamental to anyone – missing these concepts means missing the foundation of Functional Endocrinology.”
—Dana Carey, LAc, Longmon, CO

“Fantastic! I love my practice more today than ever before due to what I have learned from you. Also, thanks to the supplements you developed, my brain has been saved. There wasn’t a boring moment and I’m glad you spent the time on the brain you did.”
—Gail Warner, DC, Colorado Springs, CO

“The overall implications of this information are astounding. This affects all my clients!”
—Lora Terres, LAc, Boulder, CO

“Wow, we as practitioners are always wanting to get to the cause of our patients’ ailments. This information is leading edge, really getting to the cause of the problem.”
—Paulette Coates, ND, Lakewood, CO

“The information at this seminar was outstanding. The best thing about this weekend is that I have clinical information and tools that I can apply Monday. This information will allow me to enhance the management of my difficult neuro, endocrine, and immune patients.”
—Steven Zaeske, DC, Orland Park, IL

“Thank you so very much. This seminar was the best piece for changing the future in the world – for my clients, which include the next generation from pregnant women I care for, and for my own family. You can tell this is his passion. This man is a gift to this planet.”
—Susan Trujillo, RM, WC, Canon City, CO

“I think Dr. Kharrazian’s presentation is extraordinary. I had a head injury and have struggled all my life with low brain function. I am looking forward to applying this knowledge to myself and my practice. I love the way Dr. Kharrazian gets excited about teaching. I recommend this seminar to every practitioner.”
—Tom Groover, DC, PLLC, Boulder, CO

“Wonderful Seminar, great info. It help put a lot of pieces of the puzzle together. Thanks!”
—Robert Eberle, DC, Laguna Hills, CA

“This new seminar completes the link of the brain to the body, something I have never seen before. Dr. Kharrazian is offering the highest level of health care diagnostics I’ve ever experienced. I am only sorry that this wasn’t available when I was in school. It is the best education I’ve gotten since school and has dramatically improved my diagnostics and treatment.”
—Thomas N. Campbell, DC, Beaumont, TX

“This stuff is incredible! I’d like to apprentice to Dr. Kharrazian to learn more! Or at least follow him around.”
—Becky Howell, ND, Manor, TX

“Dr. Kharrazian goes beyond a superficial treatment of neurotransmitters. Every new naturopath should look at his body of work”
—Don Baker, DC, NMD, Mesa, AZ

“This information is critical to all practicing healthcare professionals and their suffering patients, which often includes the doctors themselves. It is eye-opening, relevant to any disease or pathology, and immediately applicable for all your patients. I highly recommend it for any brain owner.”
—Kari Vernon, DC, Scottsdale, AZ

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